July 2022



Agenda for Meeting of Uffington Parish Council to be held in Uffington Village Hall at 19:45 on Wednesday 6th July 2022

Associated papers will be made available on request to uffingtonpc1@gmail.com


  1. Apologies
  2. Approval of minutes from 25th May 2022
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Jubilee Mugs – Update on distribution of the commemorative Jubilee mugs and to discuss the surplus. To also discuss donations received for mugs and expenditure
  5. New Bench for Green area – To discuss and confirm purchase of bench from resident’s donation
  6. Request from UVH to install a picnic bench to the play area – to discuss request from UVH on installing a bench purchased by UVH at the children’s pay area and also a request for a plaque to be purchased by UPC for the bench.
  7. Mallard Pass – 2nd stage consultation – Final consultation deadline for comments is 4th August 2022
  8. Pavement outside of Croft Farm - Resident has raised concerns regarding the unevenness of the path running from the village postbox
  9. Outside Reports
  10. Accounts – Approve expenditure and income since meeting dated 25/05/22
  11. Declaration of interest
  12. Planning

S22/1028 – Mr & Mrs Chisholm – 57 Casewick Lane, Uffington PE9 4SX - Proposed two storey side and rear extension, internal and external alterations

  1. Correspondence

Notice from tenant for allotment plot 11a advising Council that due to an operation they will not be able to tend to their plot for several weeks

  1. Any other business

 Uffington PC Correspondence received May 2022 – 30th June 2022


26.05.2022         Allotment tenant                                             Allotment query

26.05.2022           Member of Public                                        Pound Field

26.05.2022           UVH                                                            Invoice

26.05.2022           Resident                                                      Jubilee Mug

26.05.2022           Resident                                                      Jubilee Mug

26.05.2022           Resident                                                      Jubilee Mug

26.05.2022           UVH Member                                               Request for signature

29.05.2022           Cllr Barratt                                                    Re order of Defib Pads

30.05.2022           SKDC                                                           Fund Logos

30.05.2022           SKDC                                                           Weekly Planning Report

30.05.2022           PKF Littlejohn                                               Confirmation of AGAR received

01.06.2022           SKDC                                                            S22/1091 Planning notice

02.06.2022           LALC                                                             Weekly newsletter

05.06.2022           UVH Member                                                 Jubilee village photograph

06.06.2022           SKDC                                                             Weekly planning report

06.06.2022           BHIB                                                               Insurance renewal confirmation

07.06.2022           Cllr Brown                                                       Correspondence regarding uneven path

08.06.2022           SKDC                                                              S22/0752 Decision notice

09.06.2022           Fixmystreet                                                      Update on works to sign (Bertie lane)

12.06.2022           Resident                                                          Report of street sign & hydrant damage

13.06.2022           ICO                                                                  Payment of annual subscription

13.06.2022           SKDC                                                               Weekly Planning report

13.06.2022           SKDC                                                                Planning notice S22/0937 & S22/0844

14.06.2022           RBLI                                                                  Copy Invoice

14.06.2022           LALC                                                                 Weekly newsletter

16.06.2022           Cllr Hartley                                                          Litter pick invoice

16.06.2022           PC R Everitt                                                        Monthly PCSO Report

20.06.2022           SKDC                                                                  Weekly Planning report

20.06.2022           SKDC                                                                 Planning notice S22/1228

20.06.2022           Mallard Pass action group                                  Update on consultation

21.06.2022           SKDC                                                                 Planning notice S22/1129

22.06.2022           Speedwatch member                                         Confirmation of key handover

22.06.2022           LALC                                                                   Weekly newsletter

22.06.2022           Deeping community forum                                 Minutes from meeting

23.06.2022           Fixmystreet                                                        Update to investigating on Fingerpost

23.06.2022           Contractor                                                          Advisory of scheduled works pound Field

24.06.2022           Resident                                                             UPP broadband query

25.06.2022           Member of public                                                Website query

27.06.2022           SKDC                                                                 Weekly Planning report

27.06.2022           Speedwatch member                                          Update/confirmation

27.06.2022           SKDC                                                                 Grant fund report

28.06.2022           UVH                                                                    Bench & plaque request

28.06.2022           LCC                                                                    Minerals & waste local plan

29.06.2022           LCC Highways                                                    Greatford Rd footpath update

30.06.2022           A.Eckersley                                                         Retirement from SKDC

30.06.2022           LCC Highways                                                    Update on 30MPH TRO main road


Clerks Update - June


Update on Jubilee Mugs – Approx 15 left after all have been delivered

Cash Donations from the Jubilee Mugs as at 30/06/2022 - £157.50

£357 received 30/05/2022 from SKDC for the funding of the mugs. The balance will be paid once a report has been submitted to SKDC along with copy invoices and bank statements (this was a requirement once our grant was successful) Clerk provided report to SKDC 01.07.22. Await balance of grant to be paid

3 Jubilee mugs were faulty and not printed correctly. Clerk to request refund from Running Imp company to cover the cost of these

30Mph Sign extension on Main Road has been chased again with highways. Update from LCC on 30/06/2022 to advise that work should be scheduled to move the sign in the next few weeks.

Response from Highways to advise that the Greatford road extension request has been put forward as a case and submitted

No response from LCC highways regarding Casewick lane as yet

No through road sign outside of Bertie Lane bungalows has been fixed. The bollards and chains have not been fixed yet by SKDC

Clerk reported to LCC & SKDC regarding the Lindsey Road sign and the Fire hydrant post which has been knocked down by a vehicle and laying on the grass outside of number 31. LCC have been out to investigate and have sent through reports to have these both fixed. Await update

Reports and comments were sent to LCC Highways regarding the fingerpost in the village and suggestion of extra signs being erected. No response back as yet

Several residents have queried when UPP broadband will be going live. No updates have been received as yet. Clerk has raised the question with UPP. Await reply

AGAR financial paperwork has been submitted to PKF Littlejohn for review. Await response from external auditor for any queries and for the final invoice to pay.

VAT reclaim has been submitted to HMRC with all copy invoices and paperwork for the financial year 2021-2022 totalling a sum of £4,591 on 31.05.2022. Await payment/queries

Cadent Gas scheduled urgent work to be done on Pound Field. Scheduled for three days w/c 27/06/2022

Speed limit sign still not fixed by LCC. Works are scheduled but no dates given



Uffington Parish Council Accounts July 2022


Expenditure Out

UVH Room Hire May                                £20.00

Pound Field Signs                                      £25.04

BHIB Annual Insurance                             £354.33

Grass Mowing May & June                       £195.00

      J Hartley (June Litter pick)                         £40.00

     Clerks Wages May & June                         £383.72

     Uffington Cricket Club donation                 £50.00

     New Defibrillator Pads                               £119.99

     ICO                                                            £40.00


   Total                                                          £1228.08

Payments in

       SKDC Street Cleaning                               £231.66

       SKDC Jubilee Fund Grant                          £357.00



Bank balance as at 01.07.22 (before expenses above cleared)

Treasurers account: £681.51

Business account:     £4745.35